Ouriginal (Urkund)

Plagiarism detection system that simply works. We foster original thinking by preventing plagiarism.

Ouriginal (Urkund) is a digital, fully-automated machine learning text-recognition system to detect, handle, and prevent plagiarism in India. Trusted world over by leading Universities and institutions, this is a practical, easy-to-use tool for the benefit of educators. The users can access Ouriginal via LMS, Email, and web inbox by creating an Ouriginal account. One of the best preventive tools to maintain the authenticity of the content, this system is capable of supporting a wide variety of file formats and languages. Secure your data and enhance the quality of research undertaken by students. Protect the originality of ideas and content of research scholars.

Under the aegis of MHRD, through INFLIBNET (Information and Library Network) Centre Ouriginal (Urkund) has been rolled out to all the Universities and CFTIs in India. Ouriginal can be integrated with more than 40+ learning management systems.

The process begins upon submission of a document. It is followed by a detailed analysis to check the relevant sources for similarity. When the text has similarities to other sources, a machine learning-powered report generation begins to take shape. A comprehensive report shows analysis results in a simple and structured format.

For more information Visit https://www.ouriginal.com/

Benefits to Students

  • Students become far more attentive in class and focus on group discussions and self-study to produce authentic material.
  • It also makes the entire screening process more comfortable. The teacher/ faculty don't have to invest extra time and effort to check all the submitted documents. Documents shared or submitted are reviewed at every stage of the submission.
  • Ouriginal protects the absolute authenticity of the content against information available on internet, published sources, as well as from other fellow students' work.
  • Ouriginal supports varied file formats.

Benefits to Faculty and Administration

  • Plagiarism checker - Ouriginal doesn't allow any exceptions. It becomes almost impossible for students to misuse it and hence curbs plagiarism altogether.
  • Safety is critical - Ouriginal ensures data protection at all times. Firewalls protect our servers, and the documents database is completely closed and cannot be called from outside.
  • Reliable - Ouriginal compares documents against three sources - Internet, Published Material, and Student research material.
  • Ease to Use - Ouriginal is easy to introduce as it doesn’t require any software installation
  • It becomes easy to integrate with Ouriginal as its usage is a straight-forward way through email. This system can be used as an integrated part of a school's digital learning tool.

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