eAarjav Plagiarism Detection System

The world’s most technically advanced plagiarism detection system for all your personal, educational, institutional or professional needs. eAarjav is now launched with capabilities to detect machine generated or AI text recognition.
Inspired by the Sanskrit word, Aarjav, meaning honesty, we strongly advocate honesty and integrity in all that we do. eAarjav helps address plagiarism, so that creativity and innovation can be fostered.

Why eAarjav:

  • Machine generated Text Recognition
  • Cross language check
  • Intuitive and editable report
  • Image check
  • OCR based Check
  • QR code-based report
  • User-friendly
  • API Integration

Base Platform Statistics:

  • 35M+ Documents checked annually
  • 1200+ Satisfied Customers
  • 4.3M+ Happy Users
  • 3000+ Training Sessions
  • 250k+ Daily Users

eAarjav will help you drive academic integrity by addressing plagiarism in your institute and universities. A comprehensive originality checking
tool that can also identify machine or AI generated text. The plagiarism detection system can be used for checking assignments, project
reports, master dissertations, Phd thesis, faculty publications, journal articles, research report, etc. A holistic tool that can perform similarity
checking to meet all your requirements for text matching and plagiarism detection.

For more information please visit our website https://www.eaarjav.com/

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