Understand the pulse of competition, craft winning strategies in a globally competitive environment, and be accountable for the results of your actions.

A simulated business strategy game that helps you manage a company professionally by understanding the nuances of competition in a dynamic marketplace and accordingly allows you to recommend strategies across operational and strategic areas. The users are required to prepare a strategic plan and monitor the progress. In addition to production, plant capacity addition, sales, marketing, pricing, warehousing, finance planning, company operations, the game allows one to test their entrepreneurial skills by annual sales forecasting and inventory management, corporate social responsibility, and citizenship. A team-building tool, this online business game provides a holistic view of running a company and making appropriate business decisions.

The Business Strategy Game is an exercise designed to spur competition with a detailed Competitive Intelligence Report containing information on the actions taken by rivals in the market to capture sales and market share. The report provides a comprehensive overview of the strategic moves that will be made by competition in the upcoming years. While you manage your business professionally, your performance is evaluated on five performance parameters like the growth in earnings per share and stock price, and maintaining return on equity investment, credit rating, and image rating.

The company's performance is measured against the Investors Expectations Standard (I.E) and the Best in Industry Standard (BII).

Simulation Experience

  • Chart a long-term strategic direction
  • Set and achieve strategic and financial objectives
  • Craft a strategy and adapt it to changing conditions
  • Analyze industry, operating, and financial data
  • Think strategically about competitive and market position
  • Assimilate information and lessons of prior courses
  • A better understanding of revenue-cost-profit relationships
  • Practice in making a sound, responsible business decisions
  • Accountability for delivering excellent company performance

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