Experience strategic simulated marketing for better long-term strategic planning and implementation.

A digital, online tool that is designed to teach marketing strategy concepts such as brand portfolio strategy, segmentation, and positioning strategies. This tool allows participants to understand the long-term perspective. It provides an extensive understanding of competition and customer needs. Built on a solid theoretical foundation, MarkStrat enables managing the ‘Marketing’ function as a profit center. Designed for academic and executive education, this tool allows the user to learn strategic marketing concepts, experience essential marketing tools, and do a detailed market and competitive analysis. This platform is available in three versions to cover industry-specific challenges — the perfect simulated management game for Indian Business schools and marketing courses.

Benefits to Professors / Faculty

  • Intuitive tool for faculty to monitor multiple industries
  • An online questionnaire platform to evaluate learning through simulation or teamwork
  • Helps to assess the performance of a team through the share price index calculation

Benefits to Students

  • Learn strategic marketing concepts such as the relationship between market segmentation and product positioning, market share and profitability, experience effect, allocation of resources, etc.
  • Experience essential marketing tools such as marketing planning, perceptual mapping, conjoint analysis, portfolio analysis, regression analyses, etc.
  • Master market and competitive analysis to monitor changes in markets, anticipate the competition’s next moves, evaluate different courses of action, plan long-term strategies, and secure competitive advantages.
  • Universally accessible – by all major operating systems with web access. Easy to navigate on all media. Flexible for all different class sizes and objectives

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