A brand strategy simulation for core marketing and brand strategy concepts.

Built on extensive experience with the strategic marketing simulation, Markstrat, BrandPro fosters an intuitive environment for implementation of brand positioning and strategy concepts over the course of five simulated years, against virtual competitors. The simulation allows the user to develop various strategies for brand targeting, product, pricing, communications etc. It also takes into consideration market and competitor analysis, product price decisions, brand resource allocation, research and development projects, sales and distribution strategies, and advertising campaigns. Aiding marketing courses to develop brand strategy in India, BrandPro is the business simulation program highly recommended for all business schools.

Students pursuing management or marketing stand to benefit from the application of the software in a simulated market environment, which is extremely user-friendly. In the simulated environment, inflation is virtually zero, and no major political, social, or economic event is anticipated in the near future.

The brand targeting and positioning strategy developed focusses on the objective to maximize the value of the company as represented by its Share Price Index (SPI), which is determined by multiple indicators including net contribution generated, product market share, revenue growth, etc.

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