“Copying is Slavery. The letter must never be followed, only the spirit is to be grasped. Higher affirmation lives in the spirit.” 

URKUND provides a fully-automated system for handling plagiarism. URKUND automatically checks the submitted text for plagiarism which encourages original writing amongst students and corporate writers. It works as a preventive measure to stop plagiarism and copying at the very root and safeguard originality and transparency.
URKUND Services
  • URKUND is selected by Information and Library Network (INFLIBNET) Centre, Inter-University Centre of the University Grants Commission (UGC) of India through a global tender. More than 350+ customers used URKUND in India and 3,000+ globally.
  • UGC Sri Lanka selected URKUND through a global tender
  • URKUND received the most points in HTW Berlin’s prestigious test of anti-plagiarism systems


How It Works
URKUND is fully automated and does not require the installation of any software.
  • Students are instructed to send their scholastic documents via email
  • Before the documents reach the concerned recipients, en route, they are analyzed and checked for plagiarism against content available from the internet, published material and student material
  • Post analysis, plagiarism report is generated and forwarded to teachers
  • Teachers can review this report at any time and detect plagiarism without extra workload


Benefits of URKUND
  • Most effective and efficient way to scan through a broad database for plagiarism within minutes
  • No separate software installation or extra efforts on the part of teachers or students
  • Trustworthy, reliable and accurate analysis while maintaining confidentiality and clean channels
  • No manual work is involved in using URKUND


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