“If you don’t Try, you will never Know”

MarkStrat, by Stratx, helps MBA students to become effective strategic marketers by trying their skills in real-time scenarios. It enables them to test strategies, take risks, come up with innovative ideas and implement them. Most importantly its learn by doing.
MarkStrat is being used by 80% of the leading B schools globally and in India. The product has been implemented successfully for more than 30 years now.
It deals with the key concepts of
    • Brand portfolio management
    • Segmentation
  • Positioning strategies
The user experience for Markstrat involves
    • Manage established & emerging markets
    • Conduct market and competitor analysis
    • Essential marketing tools
    • Sales and distribution strategies
    • Product portfolio and launches
  • Research and development projects
Its available in three versions
    • B2C – Durable Goods
    • B2B
  • B2C – Consumer Goods
The key benefits for a user are
    • Learn strategic marketing concepts
    • Experience essential marketing tools
    • Master market and competitive analysis
  • Management and organization skills
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For more info, visit http://web.stratxsimulations.com/simulation/strategic-marketing-simulation/