“If you wish to be a great family-man, learn philosophy of people

If you wish to be a great businessman, learn philosophy of finance.” – Amit Kalantri

FORAD simulation was created by Prof Lee Remmers, emeritus professor of finance at INSEAD, to help the management students understand what it takes to manage the financial and operational challenges of a multinational corporation. The company operates in a challenging market environment and competes with the rest of the FORAD companies.
FORAD is a useful tool for university courses and in seminars for bankers and corporate executives.
It deals with the key concepts of:
    • Forecasting, operations, and budgeting
    • Choice of financing options
  • Risk management and international taxation strategies, shareholders’ relationship
The user experience for Forad involves
    • Preparation – analyze the company’s results, study competitors results
    • Operations – decide capacity and production levels
    • Financing and investing decisions
    • Tax management decisions
    • FX management decision
  • Review expected results, stress test
The key skills that a user acquires through Forad are
    • Corporate structure and capital markets
    • Risk Management
    • Financial planning and analysis
    • International taxation
    • Financial statements analysis
    • Competitors’ analysis
  • Management and organization skills
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