“Risk comes from not knowing what you are doing” – Warren Buffet

GLOBUS is a fully automated, an online strategic simulation created and marketed by GLO-BUS Software, Inc. It is a competition-based simulation, where participants compete against each other to run a virtual business and strive to achieve the targets and expectations set by their investors.
GLOBUS is one of the leading strategy simulations, which is used by 30,000+ management and undergraduate students at 250+ universities in 20+ countries across the world. A senior member of the simulation author team (Dr. Arthur A. Thompson, Jr.) is also a leading strategy textbook author.
It deals with the key concepts of
  • Long-term strategy
  • Business operations and functional interactions
  • Execution challenges


The user experience for Globus involves
  • Long-term strategy plan
  • 3 Year strategic plan
  • Corporate social responsibility decisions
  • Supply chain decisions
  • Manufacturing decisions
  • Marketing decisions
  • Human resource decisions
  • Finance decisions
  • Quality decisions


The key benefits for a user are as under
  • Long-term strategic planning and analysis
  • Learn to set and achieve strategic and financial objectives
  • Market and competition strategic analysis
  • Overall business understanding
  • Management and organization skills


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