"Copying is Slavery. The letter must never be followed, only the spirit is to be grasped. Higher affirmation lives in the spirit." - D.T. Suzuki

About Urkund

URKUND is a digitalized, fully-automated system for detecting plagiarism. Plagiarism detection plays a significant part in providing quality education. Urkund provides a personalized, accurate and confidential way to increase the productivity in every institute. It is a preventive measure to stop plagiarism and copying at the very root, and to safeguard originality and transparency.

Plagiarism is nothing but when students copy material available from other sources and pass it as their own, without citing a quotation or source. In the absence of a digital platform, it is nearly impossible for an educator to check the authenticity of such material. This can be detrimental for the institutes as the teachers are unable to evaluate students based on merit. Just as well, for the students, it beats the entire purpose of training them.

URKUND is trusted the world over and some of the best universities across the world. Invented in Sweden, it was ranked as one of the best Plagiarism software in Europe, and now has spread across the globe in USA, Middle Eastern and Asia-Pacific regions.

How It Works

URKUND is fully automated and does not require any extra effort on the part of the user. It does not require any additional software to be installed or any kind of log in. The organization joining URKUND can decide between three different levels

  • Institution
  • Department
  • Campus

    The software is linked with the registered emails of the institution.

  • The students are instructed to send all the documents via email.
  • Before the email reaches the teachers, en route, the documents are analyzed and checked for plagiarism against content available from 3 sources: 1) The Internet 2) Published material 3) Student Material
  • The plagiarism report is generated, post analysis, and the analysis is forwarded to the teachers along with the mail.
  • The teachers can review this report at any time in their inbox and detect the plagiarism without any extra workload on their part.

    Benefits of Urkund

    • Effective and efficient way to scan through a broad data base for plagiarism within minutes.
    • No separate software installation or extra efforts on the part of the teachers or students.
    • Trustworthy, reliable and accurate analysis while maintaining confidentiality and clean channels.
    • No manual work is involved in using URKUND.

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