The better is the process, the better the outcome. Help your students plan Ph.D. and Masters in a structured format with timely updates and reminders. Empowering scholars to deliver to their best potential.

It is the need of the hour to improve research quality to continue leading in this competitive world. SciPro is a cloud-based online system that aids the process by providing a scientific method for project management and Ph.D. thesis management. The PhD research software, SciPro, is fast revolutionizing the higher education system in India by improving the overall quality of Ph.D. and Master's thesis, ensuring better utilization of scholars’ time, addressing critical issues at the right time, and saving administrator and supervisor time by documentation of project progress by the scholars.

Want To Know More?

  • SciPro is a cloud-based online software to effectively plan, communicate, discuss, manage, and monitor various research projects and thesis undertaken across masters and Ph.D. courses.
  • The system understands the importance of quality of work, accountability, seamless communication, effective completion within set timelines, and absolute transparency.
  • This scientific process of thesis management system helps in planning and executing the activities in a structured and timely manner, resulting in enhanced quality of the thesis.
  • Better planning and execution of tasks.
  • This leads to absolute transparency and accountability across multiple stakeholders. Timely intervention and close monitoring ensure optimum utilization of resources.
  • The focus is on problem-solving and excellence in research.
  • Provides administrators with reports that can help understand the overall status of project progress.

Benefits to the University/Institute

  • Improved quality of the thesis
  • Timely completion
  • Ability to manage a higher number of thesis
  • Ensures transparency, accountability through a structured process with real-time monitoring
  • Intervention at the right time can drive correct behavior and attitude while providing improved quality of researcher in the University / Institute.

Benefits to the Administrator

  • Review all the information of scholars, supervisor, reviewer, and thesis on one platform.
  • The real-time progress of scholars being available to the administrator as per each department and supervisor, allows him/her to provide the necessary support for timely completion.
  • Saves significant administrative time by optimizing the process and having all the information online on one platform.
  • Transparency in the system helps understand the causes of delay and ensure those issues are addressed. Specific information concerning any scholar is available at a click.

Benefits to the Supervisor

  • It helps monitor the overall progress of the thesis for the scholar as against the laid-out plan.
  • The supervisor can decide upon the structure, activities, and checklist that needs to be completed by the students before each milestone.
  • Ensures that the repeat and administrative tasks are not communicated multiple times by the supervisor to the scholar.
  • The checklist ensures that the scholars are prepared well before the meeting and bring more accountability at the scholar level.
  • The supervisors can review the completion of the activities and progress in real-time. It helps supervisors and scholars to spend quality time on problem-solving and research, rather than on administrative activities and monitoring. The supervisor can focus on the continuous improvement of the thesis of the scholars.

Benefits to the Scholar

  • Helps to plan and execute a thesis in a well-structured, timely manner.
  • Scholars are aware of significant milestones for thesis completion, and hence activities are completed as per the plan. It also ensures that the scholar is better prepared for interaction with their supervisor.
  • Activities and checklist are standard for mandatory activities and can be customized either by the scholar or the supervisor as per their requirements.
  • All communication between the scholar, supervisor, and administrator can be documented and stored in one platform and easily accessed by all.

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