There is a significant advancement in Learning technology, however very little has changed in the way one learn. Studies have shown one retains less than 20% of what is seen or heard alone, around 50% of what is both seen and heard, but up to 80% of what one interacts with. Studies has shown that students:

  • learn best from hands-on, problem-solving activities.
  • Learn best when they believe the learning will have a personal benefit.
  • need to apply new knowledge and skills immediately to aid retention.

Simulation not only provides the above experience to the students but also helps in testing theories on a risk free platform.

Life is also easier for students since they can submit work from sources other than their own. The faculty needs to deal with these challenges of copy and paste. eGalactic provides services that can help in prevention of plagiarism.

eGalactic helps you find the right products, services and the required training to address these opportunities and challenges.