eGalactic rolls out Ouriginal (Urkund) country-wide

Ouriginal (Urkund) provided to all Indian Universities under ShodhShuddhi, an initiative of MHRD, Govt of India

In a move to promote originality of thought and innovation, the Indian Union Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) has awarded a nationwide contract to Swedish company Ouriginal (Urkund) to provide their machine learning-powered tool for checking plagiarism. The Indian government seeks to enhance the quality of research within the country's academic institutions by deterring research misconduct and plagiarism.

Ouriginal's (Urkund) long-standing local partner, eGalactic, was instrumental in the tender process, gaining the commitment and trust by the Indian government. With its 1,045 institutions, the onboarding program was of unprecedented proportions gathering institutions from all geographical regions of India at 5 locations over 2 weeks.

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