The Business Strategy Game

The Business Strategy Game (BSG) is a competition-based strategy simulation game that is delivered online and features automated processing of decisions and grading of performance.

About BSG

BSG is the world’s all-time leading strategy simulation, has been played by 500,000+ MBA and undergraduate students at 600+ universities in 30+ countries across the world. BSG is the only strategy simulation where a senior member of the simulation author team is also a leading strategy textbook author, Dr. Arthur A. Thompson, Jr.

Overview of BSG

In The Business Strategy Game

  • 1 to 5 class members are assigned to run a digital camera company
  • The company produces and markets entry-level and upscale, multi-featured atheletic footwear and competes head-to-head against other companies run by other members of the class. As many as 12 companies can compete in a single industry grouping
  • The companies compete in a global market arena, selling in four geographic regions—Europe-Africa, North America, Asia-Pacific, and Latin America

    The co-managers of each company are responsible for assessing market conditions, determining how to respond to the actions of competitors, forging a long-term direction and strategy for their company, forecasting upcoming sales volumes, and making decisions relating to the various functions of business.

    Each company’s performance is based on a balanced scorecard that includes brand image, earnings per share, return on equity investment, stock price appreciation, and credit rating.

    Who can use BSG

    BSG is used at college and university business schools for both graduate and post graduate programs and as a corporate level training and team building tool.

    Benefits of BSG

    There are three exceptionally important teaching/learning benefits associated with using a competition- based simulation like The Business Strategy Game


    • Having class members run a company in head-to-head competition against companies managed by other class members provides a truly powerful learning experience that thrusts class members squarely into an active, hands-on managerial role.
    • The competitive nature of a strategy simulation arouses positive energy and steps up the whole tempo of the course by a notch or two.
    • The automated nature of BSG reduces the time instructors spend on course preparation, course administration, and grading.

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