About Us

eGalactic is an endeavor to assist teachers and institutes to enhance the quality of education. We find the best products and services available across the globe in its category and make it available in India. Our current focus is management education and we plan to include technical, secondary and primary education.

Internet and digitilization has led to an abundance of data and information. During the course of writing my dissertation I realized that one can easily complete his work through copy and paste instead of submitting an original piece of work. This gave birth to the idea of introducing anti plagiarism tools in management education in India. With increased penetration of laptop and computers in the primary and secondary education this product would find its place across the entire education spectrum.

The success of anti plagiarism product encouraged us to look for other products. Business Simulation game was a finding of this search. A simulation game brings enthusiasm and energy in the class by providing a feel of the real world.

Our goal is to understand the needs of the education market and address them with the best products that would improve the performance and save teachers and administrators time.