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Ouriginal (Urkund)

Plagiarism detection system that simply works. We foster original thinking by preventing plagiarism.

Ouriginal (Urkund) is a digital, fully-automated machine learning text-recognition system to detect, handle, and prevent plagiarism in India. Trusted world over by leading Universities and institutions, this is a practical, easy-to-use tool for the benefit of educators. The users can access Ouriginal via LMS, Email, and web inbox by creating an Ouriginal account. One of the best preventive tools to maintain the authenticity of the content, this system is capable of supporting a wide variety of file formats and languages. Secure your data and enhance the quality of research undertaken by students. Protect the originality of ideas and content of research scholars.

Under the aegis of MHRD, through INFLIBNET (Information and Library Network) Centre
Ouriginal has been rolled out to all the Universities and CFTIs in India. Ouriginal can be
integrated with more than 40+ learning management systems.


Have you ever been ill and wondered what is actually going on inside the body? How is a particular organ inside the body dealing with illness and disease?
Have you ever wondered how easy it would be to teach and learn human anatomy through an interactive online platform?
Well, we have answers to all the questions above!

At BioDigital, we bring you the power to know all the answers to the above queries and much more! Get to know about your bodies in the simplest manner with BioDigital, the interactive software platform that is making the health industry more interactive and engaging.


Experience strategic simulated marketing for better long-term strategic planning and implementation.

A digital, online tool that is designed to teach marketing strategy concepts such as brand portfolio strategy, segmentation, and positioning strategies. This tool allows participants to understand the long-term perspective. It provides an extensive understanding of competition and customer needs. Built on a solid theoretical foundation, MarkStrat enables managing the ‘Marketing’ function as a profit center. Designed for academic and executive education, this tool allows the user to learn strategic marketing concepts, experience essential marketing tools, and do a detailed market and competitive analysis. This platform is available in three versions to cover industry-specific challenges — the perfect simulated management game for Indian Business schools and marketing courses.

BSG – The Business Strategy Game

Understand the pulse of competition, craft winning strategies in a globally competitive environment, and be accountable for the results of your actions.

A simulated business strategy game that helps you manage a company professionally by understanding the nuances of competition in a dynamic marketplace and accordingly allows you to recommend strategies across operational and strategic areas. The users are required to prepare a strategic plan and monitor the progress. In addition to production, plant capacity addition, sales, marketing, pricing, warehousing, finance planning, company operations, the game allows one to test their entrepreneurial skills by annual sales forecasting and inventory management, corporate social responsibility, and citizenship. A team-building tool, this online business game provides a holistic view of running a company and making appropriate business decisions.


A brand strategy simulation for core marketing and brand strategy concepts.

Built on extensive experience with the strategic marketing simulation, Markstrat, BrandPro fosters an intuitive environment for implementation of brand positioning and strategy concepts over the course of five simulated years, against virtual competitors. The simulation allows the user to develop various strategies for brand targeting, product, pricing, communications etc. It also takes into consideration market and competitor analysis, product price decisions, brand resource allocation, research and development projects, sales and distribution strategies, and advertising campaigns. Aiding marketing courses to develop brand strategy in India, BrandPro is the business simulation program highly recommended for all business schools.


The power of winning competitive strategies for better business understanding and learning.

Providing students with real-life business experience for better learning, Globus Strategy Game is a web-based virtual business simulation that enhances overall business understanding and marketing strategies. It also provides a holistic strategic simulation and competitive analysis that helps in long-term planning and execution. Participants manage a virtual company while competing in a global marketplace. All participants start with equal sales volume, global market share, revenue and profit, and during the game have to provide reports on competitive intelligence and company operations. Any decision taken is spread across different functions impacting sales, revenue, profit, EPS, ROE, etc.


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